Aktrion People


Aktrion recruit appropriate resources to ensure the continued effective operation of the service. It is the policy of Aktrion to recruit staff locally wherever possible to improve client response times, maximise flexibility and minimise cost.

The recruitment process is well established and involves assessment via one to one interviews with qualified interviewers. A ‘Qualification & Experience Skills Matrix’ for the potential employee is developed and verified during the interview process.

The breadth of support services we offer requires that our staff must have knowledge and experience of a wide range of skills, products and processes. Aktrion use Inspectors and Engineers with skill levels appropriate to the task in hand.

To this end, we have a formal grading structure which defines for employees the requirements to be achieved for each level in the structure, thus giving a clear view of opportunities for progression within the company. Therefore for all our staff we provide structured training for the tasks they are performing and maintain comprehensive skills matrix of their achievements and capabilities and their future development needs.