Our presence in Turkey

Aktrion Automotive operates in Turkey under the name of Contract Turkey.

Contract Coveract:

Automotive, Mechanical, Aerospace, Defense and quality control in industry in the areas of engineering services to OEMs and supplier industry, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey and Europe.

Our services:

  • Quality Control
    • Extract-Retouch-Repair
    • Dimensional controls
    • Visual Controls
    • CSL-1, CSL and CSL-2-3
  • Non-destructive tests
    • Visual Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Inspection
    • Eddy Current Controls
    • Liquid penetrant Controls
    • Magnetic Particle Controls
  • Destructive Examinations
    • Hardness Measurements
  • Paint Measurement and Controls
    • Color Measurements
    • Paint and Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Process Control
  • Process Improvement (Kaizen, PPS)
  • Customer Representative
  • Control Equipment
  • Technical Training

For more details go to www.contract-turkey.com

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